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941062_1735047416731157_8667483893497110790_nThe Art of Etheldreda is a personal blog of a 17-year old girl who lives in Metro Manila, Philippines. She is currently taking Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology at Far Eastern University. Her dream was to become a pathologist.

Etheldreda loves watching animated TV shows during her childhood. Growing up, Etheldreda dislike reading because she fall asleep immediately and can’t concentrate. It was around her summer of first year in high school when she starts to read Japanese comics also known as manga, it wasn’t easy for her to cope up with the sudden change, but when she finished reading the first series, she got hooked up and it was the time when she stopped watching animated TV Shows and just focused on reading manga instead.

It was during her second year in high school when she started going to library, it was out for searching and knowing if there would be any comics (which unfortunately not available in the High School library at that time) but turns out, it was the moment of change in her life. She encountered the book of Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice, it wasn’t the first book she had read in her life, but it was the book that changed her life forever. Her favorite quotation of from the book is, “He often felt that too many people lived their lives acting and pretending,wearing masks and losing themselves in the process.”  And that day was the start when she truly became aware of what she really wanted.

This blog dedicates her love for art- literature, music, drama and life.

Etheldreda came from the Old English name Aethelthryth, meaning noble and strength.

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